8. November 2021.

Seventh RSNOG conference, 30th November, online

Save the date for 30th November and the RSNOG conference, organised for the seventh time by RSNOG – the RS Network Operators’ Group – with the support of the Serbian National Internet Domain Name Registry Foundation (RNIDS), RIPE NCC, ISOC, SOX and Mainstream. You can follow along online via the stream.

When Facebook, and the other services owned by the same company, ‘disappeared off the face of the Internet’ for almost six hours in early October, depriving almost 3.5 billion users worldwide of service, it was no small concern for all those whose businesses depended on presenting and promoting their products and services on this social network. This episode reminded many of the need for a back-up plan for those situations when the platform of a particular provider of business services (be they messaging, advertising, promotional or some other) becomes inaccessible for any reason.

The aforementioned incident will serve as a useful occasion for operators and IT companies developing Internet services to discuss the topics of network performance measurement and fast failover at the forthcoming RSNOG conference.

In recent years, the demands and expectations of users have fundamentally changed, and consequently these topics are becoming increasingly important. Some 20 or 30 years ago when services such as DNS and BGP were developed, on which the Internet depends to this day, the focus was on service availability, while today the focus is on performance. There are a great many innovative solutions in the market for handling large volumes of data, monitoring performance and recovery in the event of an incident. However, in the increasingly complex environment of software-defined networking and services running in the distributed cloud, the choice between them is far from straightforward.

As in previous years, the conference will bring together local and foreign experts to share their experiences, thought processes and proposals for how to make the Internet fast, more reliable and more secure.

As an introduction to the forthcoming conference, we would like to present you with a conversation with Vint Cerf, pioneer of the Internet. During this interview with him, conducted by Desiree (Željka) Milošević, chair of the Board of ISOC’s Belgrade chapter, and facilitated by RNIDS, Vint talked not only about the history of the Internet’s development but also about the greatest challenges faced today by the “network of all networks” and its users. Watch the interview here.